UGR: Unified Glare Rating

This value is an indication of the extent to which luminaires and light sources from a certain position affect or add discomfort to the user. This value is based on regular patterns and fittings according to the new European recommendations for indoor lighting: EN 12464-1 standard.

What is the importance of the UGR value:

UGR in lighting is an often underestimated component within companies, but deserves more attention. The productivity and well-being of an employee is greatly influenced by lighting. The light must be clear and bright so that one can perform their work but at the same time should not be blinding. LOW UGR reduces this blinding effect without compromising the light level and is therefore essential in many situations, or working environments.

What factors play a role in determining the UGR value? 

  1. Shape and size of space
  2. Surface brightness (luminance) of the walls, the ceiling, the floor and other large planes
  3. Type of luminaire and shielding
  4. Distribution of luminaires over space
  5. Observer position

The UGR value differs in each workplace environment, due to the work actions performed. The following UGR values may not be exceeded per application:

UGR Value

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