About Us

LEDtruefacts.com is operated and maintained by Greenhouse Technologies (www.greenhse.com)

Our blog has been created to educate people about the latest trends in modern lighting technology and to teach people the difference between LED lighting facts vs fiction i.e bad vs good lighting.

Lighting expert, Craig Benporath has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and MBA. He has numerous years of experience and lectures and consults on Green Energy Solutions. He has developed a number of innovative products to suit the Australian market to help save people money. Some of which include:

☼ An easy to use online Light calculator – www.ledenergycalculator.com which determines your costs and possible savings with a few quick clicks
☼ Affordable smart automation and switches
☼ Industrial High Bay replacements for under $100
☼ The latest offering of complete high quality lighting for a 3×2 home for less than $200. This includes fittings
which can last over 30 years.
☼ Visit www.greenhse.com to view our NEW 2-in-1 Ceiling lights, ultra slim floods and SMART lighting.

We offer energy efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. This includes a wide range of tried and tested quality products such as LED lights, Hi-bay lights, LED SMART lights, panels, lamps and fittings, ceiling lights, outdoor lights, glass switch plates, dimmers and other controllers.

☼ Reduction of energy consumption
☼ Energy efficient solutions & improvements
☼ Monitoring & control of energy costs
☼ Lighting plan consultancy & design
☼ Energy audit

OUR GOAL – To provide high quality, energy-efficient products to all homes across Australia

☼ Domestic, Retail, Commercial and Industrial
☼ Unique and latest products
☼ Shortest return on investment
☼ Small or large quanities
☼ Short supply channel
☼ Purchase with confidence
☼ Fully supported warranties
☼ Full refund policy
☼ Skilled advice and support
☼ Australian owned and managed

☼ Australian owned since 2011
☼ Wholesale pricing direct to consumers
☼ Australian certified with public liability cover
☼ Quick replacement warranties
☼ Strong focus on R&D and engineering improvement
☼ Design and development of a number of products
☼ Ship Australia-wide and internationally
☼ Winner of Belmont Small Business Award, overall judges award for environmental, energy efficiency and